How Deltic Design can provide what you need

Microsoft Windows users form a large part of our client base. We have designed and support several large, complex Access databases to enhance the efficiency and working practices of the work experience teams in Enfield, Waltham Forest and Haringey, helping to manage the placement of thousands of students every year. Letterheads and logos have also been designed and provided in Word format for ease of use and efficiency. We can also provide a plethora of file format conversions, both from and to the Windows platform . . . conversions of word processing files, bit-mapped and vector graphics in all the major application formats.

Apple Computers also feature strongly in the services offered by Deltic Design. From publication design using the industry-standard Quark Xpress to offering advice on purchasing the Apple equipment to suit your needs, we can satisfy your requirements. Many individuals have benefitted from training supplied by Deltic Design, with clients new to computing being given the encouragement to exploit their new equipment, through helping people through the maze of connecting to the Internet, to the complete design and typesetting of full-colour quality magazines and brochures for large client companies.

Deltic Design can offer full support for Acorn Computers, from the BBC Model B, a ground-breaking computer of 20 years ago, to the latest StrongARM powered RiscPC series. We can support schools with large networks of computers down to the individual home user. Deltic Design advised the Railway Development Society on producing their quarterly magazine Railwatch using Acorn computers, and the first pages of the Railwatch World Wide Web site were also designed and uploaded on this platform, before Adobe Acrobat PDFs became the preferred method of web publishing.

So, whatever your requirements - large or small - or your problems - complex or simple - please get in touch - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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